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blobyblo's Instagram Update with B.I & Bobby: When you pose for a selfie but realized that it's a video. #TABLO #BI #BOBBY
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As much as I understand where most of the time CL stans are coming from, PLEASE PLEASE just hear us out for one second. the problem is not CL is debuting as a solo in america. the problem is the consequence of that. the problem is that the consequence of her debut in america is going to be far…

I knew this was gonna happen… People are going to blame 2ne1’s downfall on CL when Bom’s scandal has pretty much killed their career as a group. Is CL just meant to sit around waiting for the public to forgive Bom? Because she’ll rot before they do, the Korean public is very unforgiving, especially with female idols. I’ve been a blackjack since day one, literally, but we need to be realistic here and hope for the best. Maybe Minzy will finally get get much deserved solo single and maybe Dara will finally be allowed to act in a drama. We can’t protect them all we can do now is support them ALL of them. We can’t sit around worrying about the success or possible failure, it’s a single not a 5 album contract and she will never know until she tries.

i’m not blaming cl though? i’m blaming the idea of a u.s. debut at this point and time. and yes you are right that bom’s scandal has done major damage which i addressed already at the time of it coming out. I made a huge post talking about how worried I was about what this could do to 2ne1, in the same way I did with CL’s debut. But in neither post am i blaming cl nor bom. Because this is not their fault. about what you said with not protecting but supporting…isn’t protection a form of support? How are you going to support someone without protecting them? I am NOT blaming CL. I am thinking about where this will go after that single. So you are telling me that after she hits huge success she’s just going to come back? That’s not going to happen. AND THAT is what is terrifying. The fact that the other three girl’s were not given an opportunity BY YG (THIS IS WHO I’M BLAMING) to grow and expand beyond 2ne1, enough, so that WHEN THE TIME IS RIGHT, EACH ONE OF THEM CAN DO THEIR OWN THING AND NO ONE IS LEFT BEHIND. THAT is all I’m saying. Like I said up there I couldn’t make a sound argument because I was upset and too many thoughts going through my head at the time when all the rumours and news were going around. That is all. I hope you don’t misunderstand that I am trying to blame cl because out of anyone I know just how much 2ne1 needs CL, if anything now more than ever. She is their rock. She is the reason why I continue to think that 2ne1 will not fall apart. But decisions like these made by the management NEED to be handled well, and have better timings. And I mentioned a couple of  times that this is not to put cl down, so I would’ve appreciated if you took that into account.

And you didn’t answer my question. What are they supposed to do sit around rotting as Bom”reflects”? And why do you assume YG has no plans for supporting Dara or Minzy? They can’t logically promote solos in Korea now, there needs to be at least a year (maybe even two) and they can’t promote as a group in America if they ever want to claim Bom “reflected”. That doesn’t mean YG management team isn’t thinking of ways for the other two members to promote. He’s a business man first and foremost and for his company it is in their best interest, financially, to optimally use the other three members while the fourth is out of commission. This is the ideal time for Dara to either get into acting (either studying or starring) or to promote back in the Philippines. Minzy has already hinted at a solo single, why do you assume she isn’t working on it or at least sitting on it until they think the time is right for get to step out without the clouds of Boms scandal hanging over her? And to answer your question what will happen if CL does well? The same thing that will happen if she does poorly, there are really only two options. 1: If YG thinks that a comeback in Korea would still be a losing deal and there’s no saving the team (as each comeback literally cost millions and it would not be a smart move to promote when the public is not even remotely open to the possibility) then he will media play her achievments and push for her she to continue on her journey of American advancement, as she deserves. 2: If public seem receptive to her then YG will again media play the f*ck out of her achievements and use that as a springboard to try promote 2ne1 again, most likely with a digital single to test the waters. I know this sounds harsh but this is business. You can’t protect them, the damage is done and what I’m saying is that going around speculating that CL’s solo will lead to their downfall is A- not supportive, as a blackjack you should want the best for her and B- not true. The downfall of 2ne1 came when investigative reporters tore holes in YG’s press release and the following Dispatch media play explanation articles.


bangtan fans are so fucking scary tbh i just saw one on twitter essentially go “bangtan aren’t racist, its 2014 who even gets offended by the n word anymore” and a bunch of other fans replying with shit like “ikr!!!” “preach it!!” and i felt like i just got hit by a bus

I see no lies

Support and protect them at all cost!!!

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Hayi and her squad



it’s cute how when Yoon Shiyoon’s time to sing his solo part came he turned to Youngjae and started singing as if he derive courage from him, and Youngjae began to encourage him and waving his hands even tho they don’t know each other before ;w; ♥

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[141016] TaeYang’s instagram update #2 

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These fools!!