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evil illionaire hyungs enabling bobby’s stripping addiction (ノ´ヮ´)ノ*:・゚✧ 

I want to be on team Illionaire and ride around in their ridiculous cars and watch Bobby strip… like that’s all I want in life.

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Andddd it’s official— tomorrow’s Ladyfinger Lessons is all sold out! 

If you couldn’t make it in time for this one, there’s another next week… but only a few spots left. Get after it Ladies!

Can’t wait to meet you. 



kim jiwon; fanservice extraordinaire

That creep, look at that lillt smile

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[News] 'Win Team B to Appear in New Mnet Survival Show “Mix & Match”'


WIN Team B, the group which finished as the runner-up to Winner on “WIN,” looks set to take part in another survival show,according to a news report. The show will be broadcast by Mnet, and will be entitled “Mix & Match.” The first episode is set to air on September 11, following the…

This is such bullshit… If they split up Double B and Jinhwan I’mma be do mad! They have to debut together!!!

snapback + neck porn (●´□`)♡ 

Why you do this to me Bobby? Why?

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Kim Himchan the most violent mother on earth


Lee Hi: “Staring/Gazing”


B1A4 Ice Bucket Challenge